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1. Content of the online offer
The author does not assume guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the given informations. Liabilty claims against the author, which refers to damages of a material or intellectual proberty way, caused by the using or not-using of the given information or the use of incorrect and uncompleted informations, are principle excluded, if there is demonstrably no grossly negligent blame. Every offer is not binding and without obligation. The author has the right to change, add, delete parts of the sides or the whole offer without any announcement and pause the publication temporary or completely.


2. References and links
An obligation to liability would only be possible if the author knows about the contents and if it’s technical possible for him to prevent the use of illegally contents, for direct or indirect references on external websites (“Hyperlinks”), for which the author is not responsible for. Hereby the author explains expressly, that there were no illegally contents recognizable on the linked sides at the time of publication. The author has no influence of the design, the contents or the authorship of the linked sides. Therefore he is dissociating himself of all the contents on the linked sides, which changed after the linking. This is valid for all links on the own internet-offer and references and external entries (like guestbookentries, discussionsforums, lists of links, mailinglists and every other forms of databases), on which external accesses are possible. The offerer of these illegaly contents has to be liable alone, especially for damages, caused by the use or not-using of such given informations.



 3. Copyright – and labelling law
The author is aiming to take notice of the copyright of the used images, graphics, audios, videos and texts in every publication and to use images, graphics, audios, videos and texts or to fall back to license free graphics, audios, videos and texts. Every named trade- and brandmarks within the internet offer and if necessary protected by third party, subject unlimited to the regulations of the valid labelling law and the right of possession of the registered owner. Do not assume that brand names are protected by the rights of third parties if they are just named. Published and self-made objects subject to the copyright of the author of the sides. Duplication or using of such graphics, audios, videos and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the explicit consent of the author.

4. Data-protection

The declaration within the internet-offer of private or business informations (like mailadresses, names, adresses) are expressly voluntarily. The use and pay of every offered services – if technical possible and reasonable – are allowed even without the declaration of such datas or anonymized datas or a pseudonym. The use of published contact datas within the mast head or similar declarations like addresses, telephone- tele faxnumbers and mailadresses through third parties for transmission of not explicit asked informations is not allowed. There will be legal measures against the sender of such spammails if there is an offence against this prohibition. PSE – Pharma Solutions Europe is takes notice of the relevating rules to data protection. Personal given informations are only going to PSE – Pharma Solutions Europe. PSE – Pharma Solutions Europe will not give them to third parties without the explicit consent of the user.



5. Legal effectiveness of this exclusion of liability

This exclusion of liability is a part of the internet-offers, to which were referred from this side. If there are parts or single formulations of this text which are not valid with the actual legal status, will the rest of this document in its content and validity be untouched.