Public Tender

Bid-Management based upon the Europoean procurement law and the German Social Security Statute Book V

In the light of preferential treatment  for discounted industrial drugs, containing identical effective agents, manufacturers are forced  to act within a smaller  scope. Public tender advances  towards the character of sales channels and replaces stepwise classic methods of market access. We at PSE made public tenders of public bodies in Europe  as our subject and attend pharmaceutical suppliers individually or as a bid consortium, conducting bid management tasks.Since 2008 PSE is a supplier of information services for discounted industrial drugs, who serve as instruments to monitor contract relations and public tender and strategic analysis and planning tools as well.

What rebate can you offer?
What potential penalty is to be paid in case of a possible supply disruption?

The knowledge of databases, market relations, legal and contractual frameworks and the grown expertise build the spinal cord of a new and young additional service. We assist pharmaceutical companies in the question of bid management and the application of that, aiming to relieve the administrative burden, to support, to generate additional market insights and ideally to win the award.

PSE Team

Tender Manager of PSE:

To avoid non-legal competition agreements we always  accept only one mandate per lot per tender at the same time.

Modul / Bid Management Detail
Tender vetting mapping and checking of tender framework
Analysis for decision making analysis of sales and units, differentiation per payer
direct costing, break even analysis, identification of limit values
discount scenario
Periods deadline monitoring
Documentation documentation and reporting
Proposal Preparation accuracy, completeness
on the due date, in the correct form

Pharmaceutical companies may claim our services complete or in parts.

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